Sebastian Prooth

sebastianproothSebastian is a published writer, blogger, film producer and all around media geek. American, originally from Indiana, he has lived in the UK since 2003. His aims are to work in television or film as a producer As a writer he has contributed to three books in the “Criminal Masterminds” book series published in 2007, the first being “Criminal Masterminds” and the second being “Fiendish Killers.”

Sebastian is a serious Star Trek enthusiast with a general interest the in health of the Star Trek franchise, and has interviewed many of the key personnel that went into the production of Star Trek. He has also released a series of Star Trek DVD commentaries for download most notably for Star Trek Insurrection. All of his Star Trek related work can be found on his blog at the Star Trek Compendium. Visit Sebastian’s blog:

Running Time: 30 minutes.
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