Chris Marshall

Chris runs CBRD, a wide-ranging website all about the British road network that has taken up most of his free time for the last sixteen years, and proven surprisingly popular given its niche appeal.

As well as photographing and writing about everything from surviving gas streetlights to the peculiarities of asset numbering on roadside equipment, he trawls archives and libraries to piece together untold stories about the things that have quietly shaped the way we get around.

He comes from Leeds originally, but has lived in London for the last 11 years, working in various technical roles to do with radio and steadily losing his accent. A national newspaper once described him as “not at all geeky”.

Chris’s Choices:-
Website – London Reconnections
Podcast – Radiolab
Twitter Feed – @tmbotg
Book – The Z-Z of Great Britain by Dixe Wills
Gadget – Channel source selector module from DK 4/19 audio mixing desk