Always think ‘Why?’

Written on April 20, 2016


I was sent a link to this video where the question of why is asked and how important it is to selling. This instantly got me thinking about how to apply it more in Radio.

The excellent book by David Lloyd speaks more about the words to use when talking on the radio including the powerful ‘you’ but this got me thinking about the whole way you come at something to talk about on the radio.

I have some personal experience of offering up a travel insulated mug as a prize which is branded with the station name and so normally whenever I spoke about this competition I spoke about the name and ‘mechanism’ of the competition and the prize was almost an afterthought (it is only a travel mug after all!).

But using the question ‘why’ spins the wording and technique completely. I now promote the benefits of having an insulated mug through a variety of stories or dream up scenarios where it might help the listener to use one. That then leads onto telling them how one could be theirs.

As with most bits of advice this is not rocket science and you may well do this every day of the week but I thought it worth talking about. Hope it helps you in the future.

photo: Eric Kilby


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