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Written on April 6, 2012

I have been meaning to write something up from my visit to the Pudding Club for years now. I went in 2009 after waiting for years to finally sort it out.

So what is the Pudding Club? It is a club based at the Three Ways House Hotel in Chipping Campden in the Cotwolds. They now seem to meet every Friday evening but it is normally the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month – more dates etc on their website. The idea is you have a small main menu which isn’t too filling and then you eat your way through 7 puddings scoring each one as you eat it. The aim is to eat all 7 and then go back for more of your favourite afterwards. The whole room (80-ish people) vote for their favourite and one is declared the winner at the end of the night.

We stayed over in one of their normal rooms (pudding themed rooms are available!) afterwards which was great as we were stuffed and just wanted to flop after the meal although we weren’t tired due to the amount of sugar we had consumed!

I would thoroughly recommend it, certainly in the winter months when the big puddings are on. I will be going back at some point I’m sure.

More details are available here and please see the comment from Jill at the Pudding Club who kindly wrote in the comments.

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  1. Jill Coombe

    Hi Matt, many thanks for writing about your (not so recent) visit to The Pudding Club! Glad you enjoyed the experience & please do come back & see us again. We run Pudding Club meetings every Friday night, as you rightly say, it used to be twice a month but due to demand is now weekly, & sometimes twice weekly if we have one on a Saturday night too!

    Summer Pudding Club meetings are also good to attend, we still have hot puddings on offer, but generally 4 cold & 3 hot.

    You might also like to know that we are currently producing a new Pudding Club recipe book, it should be out in the early autumn, it’s published by Ebury & has 120 scrummy recipes – old & new.

    Did you also know that Pudding Club puddings are available in Waitrose & some farm shops & delis.

    Thanks once again, please do get in touch when you are considering your next visit to the Cotswolds.
    Happy Easter!
    Jill Coombe
    Three Ways House Hotel
    Chipping Campden


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