Podcasts and Radio

Written on July 9, 2015

I’m a big podcast listener and have been since the early days. Throughout my time as a listener I have always been on the lookout for how Radio can learn from podcasts/podcasters.

A good few of my podcasts come from the Relay.FM network which is run by Myke Hurley in the UK and Steven Hackett from the US. As an aside Myke in 2015 gave up his job in banking to go full time podcasting and earns more money now. One of his podcast, The Pen Addict, recently did a kickstarter campaign to fund Myke’s travel to Atlanta to visit a Pen Convention. It was at this convention that he would also finally meet, face to face, his co-presenter on the podcast having only spoken via Skype or in a text chat room. The kickstarter campaign got funded and Myke got on the plane to Atlanta and they recorded an episode of the show in person plus for those who contributed a video of the meeting and convention was recorded and sent to them.

It got me thinking – could a radio station ever do this or a breakfast show?

Imagine there was an event happening within the stations TSA that the listeners wanted to go to but couldn’t afford to. Would it be crazy to ask the listeners on air to call and pledge money to enable the station to attend on their behalf?


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