Myriad Playout Hack – Scripts Location

Written on November 10, 2015

Myriad Playout has a ‘script’ feature built in which allows you to either link to script or allow the presenter to choose a script to read out on air.

A client wanted to have a dropbox folder be the location of their scripts so it could be updated from outside the studios.

I reached out and spoke with Peter Jarrett, who is one of the founders of P Squared, and he told me of a sneaky hack that could be done in the registry.

It is strictly unsupported and could well be undone if you upgrade the version of Myriad Playout you are using.

Using ‘regedit’ go to HKLM\Software\PSquared\Myriad v3\Profiles\Profile1\FileLocations you should see a key called “LiveReads” – set this to a different folder and then start Myriad.


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