ipDTL – replacement for Skype in Studio?

Written on March 19, 2014

Been meaning to write this since the New Year but never got around to it. I spoke with Kevin Leach from In:Quality Media just before the end of the Year after he won an innovation award at the Radio Festival in November 2013.

The product is ipDTL and is being marketed as a replacement for ISDN with now a strong bend towards voiceover artists. It uses the Google Chrome web browser for two way audio and uses the OPUS codec which is an open source codec developed by Google hence Chrome is the best browser to use it on.

So it sort of skins this technology and allows for one to one conversation. It will not do group chat in the implementation Kevin has chosen.

I like it as it is much simpler to ask someone to download chrome than it is to ask someone to install Skype which feels like it takes over the machine and wants to launch at startup etc.

There are a variety of configuration you can purchase accounts for but at it’s most basic you can purchase a full license for your studio and a limited license for your remote end costing a total of £50 per year. If you are a charity Kevin offers a 40% discount on that price and in fact on any accounts.

Anyway – have a listen to the interview I did and you can hear the quality achieved. If you order please tell him I sent you or use this affiliate link.

OAP42 ipDTL Audio


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