Emailing files into Myriad

Written on September 10, 2011

** This is only of interest if you are a user of Psquared’s Myriad System **

As part of my work for Radio Scilly I was asked to investigate who to be able to email files in and them be sucked into Psquared’s Myriad system. We also wanted the ability to upload something to dropbox also.

We have already setup some automatic downloads of syndicated programmes so had already been using the Psquared Audio Wall Auto Importer which seems to be a pretty stable piece of software now.

Here is the process I set-up
1 – set up new email address ‘’ for example
2 – download GearMage’s software Email Attachment Downloader
3 – configure it to access your new gmail/email server (would suggest you get it to move the file to another folder once it has downloaded the attachment). This then downloads the attachment to a folder location you set (for our use this was a dropbox folder)
4 – configure the Audiowall Auto Importer to look at this dropbox folder for new files which begin with the cart number you want to use on the Audio Wall. Make sure you get it to delete the file after import else it will get in a loop.

That’s it. There are dangers involved if you do not restrict the cart numbers and you may also want to configure the email attachment downloader to only download messages which perhaps have a secret code in the subject line of the email as a way of safeguarding your system as once the email is sent it is purely an automated system from then on. I have the Auto Importer email on success so I know if it has worked or not.

If you didn’t want to bother with the email then you can upload it directly to the dropbox folder itself but the email way could be useful if you were at an internet cafe and didn’t have dropbox installed.

*** UPDATE ***

I have found that the Email Attachment Downloader sometimes stops working so I have found which creates you a special email address and will send any email with attachments to a specific folder on your dropbox account. So if you attach a .mp3 file it will put that into the folder.


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