Podcasting to less than 250 people

In 2018 I was determined to resurrect my podcast and give it a proper series/season so I could then decide whether it was something to continue with or drop. A brief history if I may. The Podcast, then called Desert Island Geek, began in 2007 and was hosted by Neil...

Programming Axia IQ to put players into Preview Mode

Have been working with Hospital Radio Chelmsford on their Axia Install. One of the desires was for the studios to operate with Myriad Playout the way it works when Myriad is plugged into the SRM mixer from P Squared. They are using the Axia IP Audio Drivers which have...

VIDEO: Tascam DR-10x overview

Have done a video showing off a new gadget. The Tascam DR-10x which plugs into the bottom of any xlr mic and allows you to record in .wav format.

Video: Dropbox to Myriad Playout AudioWall

I have made a video to show how to create a script in Windows to move, rename and delete items from a dropbox folder. As part of the rename it adds a cart number to the file which the Auto Importer then uses to place it correctly on the AudioWall. ;