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Psquared Competition Deadline extended to 31st October

The 2nd Anniversary Podcast competition sponsored by Psquared has been extended until the 31st October 2007.

Originally it was going to be drawn at the Newport conference but have given you more time to get your name in the prize hat.

You can find out more details about the prize and competition by listening to podcast #30 below. Psquared have kindly donated two licenses for their Nexus software www.psquared.net/nexus for more details. This will look after your email and web access along with live read scripts and remote myriad control.

I am after your feedback on the show and involvement. Perhaps you would like to record a show intro or an audio tour of your station. Even by sticking your name on my map of listenners at www.onairpodcast.co.uk/map will get you in the draw. It might be you have done an interview recently you wish to share to send it in. I am after your involvement in the podcast as I do it for you and if I do not have your support it is questionable whether I should continue or not.

See you in Newport if you are going – if not I hope to record some presentations and send up some recordings for you to listen to on the feed.


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