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Podcast Feature: Top 10 Questions

So the plan is to have a feature in each podcast where the same 10 questions are asked of a Hospital Radio volunteer.

The bit I need your help on is coming up with the 10 questions. I will stick down some of my question ideas and please either add your comment to the website www.onairpodcast.co.uk or as a comment on the Facebook Fan Page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-Air-Podcast/210250705913

So here are some questions I have thought about

1 – What do you do at your Hospital Radio station?
2 – Why did you decide to volunteer for Hospital Radio?
3 – What has been your best moment at Hospital Radio?
4 – If you could change one thing about Hospital Radio what would it be?
5 – What is your favourite jingle?
6 – Who is your Broadcasting Hero?

That’s it for the moment please comment and add in any questions you think are missing – Matt

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