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Planning for 1st Anniversary Podcast

Hi All,

There will not be a podcast this weekend as normal as I am going to be preparing for the anniversary programme. I have set up a Skypecast for the anniversary programme which will be recorded at 2030 on the 3rd October and you can join in on the recording live by having skype on your computer with a microphone attached. If you click on the name of this post you will go to the skypecast website where you can find out more – you will need a skype account and a broadband connection for this to work. You can call the programme as well on the night using the number below.

If you can’t join us for this programme or have a question please send in an audio comment to either onairpodcast@gmail.com or skype the show using the name ‘mattwade01’ or call 020 7870 1287 and leave a message.

If you would like to be interviewed for the programme in advance let me know and I will arrange a time for the interview. In the next few days I shall be releasing Bruce Shakespeares Radio Plays from Radio Cherwell which you can use on your station. Look out for those.


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