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The Podcast for Hospital Radio Volunteers

On Air Podcast #18 – 29th November 2006

On the podcast I review the HBAs Norwich Conference and play some recordings made during the boat trip on the Sunday morning plus I speak to those companies exhibiting at the trade show.

There is other news from the HBA plus two music tracks and details of the launch of the new Enhanced Version of the Podcast for those with either an iPod or who use iTunes to listen to the podcast – you can now get pictures and chapters markings!

Podcastconuk – conference I attended on podcasting
– I worked on their stand at SBES
HBA – Hospital Broadcasting Association

The Shakes – Liberty Jones

Paul Berry – We Fall In Love

Contact me at onairpodcast@gmail.com


  1. I knew it was you!!!!!!!!!

    I saw you at the PodcastCon but I couldn’t remember your name and I thought ‘well, do I want to go up and talk to him and it’s not him’ and then make a fool out of myself or not or what. So, I didn’t chance which is dumb of me cause you meet people that way anyway.

    We have a lot in common my friend both doing hospital radio and it would have been cool to chat to you. I am not sure if I am going to be at the HBA in the spring but if I am, I am going to make sure that I come over and say hello.

    Keep up the good work on the podcast mate.

  2. Oh yeah, so you know who I am cause I am not sure if it’s going to tell you by the comment I left and the details I had to put in. Go here:


  3. Nice to hear from you Scott – must get you on the podcast to chat about the show. Drop me an e-mail to onairpodcast@gmail.com and we’ll sort out a date via skype

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