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On Air Podcast #17 – 3rd October 2006

Here it is. The 1st Anniversary Podcast recorded on the 3rd October 2006. Joined by Paul Sysum, HBA Regional Manager and Terry Savage from HR Hillingdon on Skypecast.

We talk about the forthcoming HBA Conference in Norwich, play the presentation of the 61,000th request on HR Basingstoke plus much more.

We also played the two records I played on the first OAP from Brother Love and The Lascivious Biddies.

Please let me have any feedback!


  1. Hi Matt

    I think the link is wrong for OAP 017, should be http://www.hospitalbroadcasting.co.uk/onairpodcast/oap017_03102006.mp3


  2. Yeah – had some problems with my Hosting company and the .mp3 files so moved them to temp hba host.

    Am looking at moving where they live so they are more reliable.


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