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On Air Podcast #05 – 12th December 2005

HR Chelmsford Member David Abrey has been to Discovering Dogs at Earls Court and has interviews from the venue including a chat with Peter Purves
Thanks for the e-mails from Tim, Neil Bailey at Rookwood Sound.
James has been in touch about his Digital Audio Movie he is making which we hope to bring you soon.
Rob from Paisley Riot e-mailed to ask me to play a track from his band.
News – Been busy planning temporary move for HR Chelmsford, Patientline Channel Numbers! Christmas link up with HR stations organised by Neil Ogden.
Contact the show – e-mail onairpodcast@gmail.com or skype ‘mattwade01’
Happy Christmas

PODSAFE MUSIC – Natalie Brown – Jingle Bells
PODSAFE MUSIC – Podsafe for Peace – If Everyday was Christmas
PODSAFE MUSIC – Paisley Riot – Walk Into The Room

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