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OAP #14 due after my holiday

Hi All,

Just a quick update to say that OAP14 will be out after the 9th August when I return from my holidays to Cornwall.

Featured on the podcast will be an interview with Bruce Shakespeare from Radio Cherwell in Oxford about the Radio Plays he writes and produces. These plays will be available for all stations to use and I shall be producing a new sub domain for these to be hosted on so watch this space.

… other news to tell you. Have changed website host so hope to do some enhancements soon to the page. If you go to www.onairpodcast.co.uk/map you can visit the frappr map and stick your pin the map showing where you are listenning to the podcast from. Let me know your thoughts on the podcast and the website as to what you would like to see on it.

Don’t forget to tell your fellow HR colleagues about this podcast.


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