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New Artwork Wanted

Hi All,

With the introduction of the new enhanced version of the podcast I am after some new artwork to put into it.

I ideally would like a new piece of artwork for the On Air Podcast and the On Air Podcast Enhanced. They can be the same picture with just ‘enhanced’ added to it at the bottom.

The artwork needs to be 300 x 300 pixels and I would prefer if it didn’t have my face on it. I need artwork for Wade’s World, HBA News, Hospital Radio News, Feedback and Contact. They can be around the same theme with just different words at the bottom of them if that helps.

Anything in .jpg format would be welcomed.

ta and hope your Christmas was good – M


  1. Hi, il give it a go, whats the orginal image like though, I cant find it anywhere!

  2. sorry – have added it to the post now!

  3. I have emailed it in hospital radio email forum thingy.

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