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Hi from Matt Wade

Well – it’s been a while!

There have been a number of reasons for the lack of podcasts. The main reason was that when we moved in December 2007 I have to pack up my studio and I haven’t unpacked it yet!

Also I felt that perhaps people were not getting out of it as much as I first thought they would.

Well I am hoping to setup my studio within the next 2 months so I may well record a little podcast and see how it goes.

In the meantime I have been working on a new site hosted by wordpress.com which will not cost me the £50 per year that the previous site was costing me as I don’t have the money for it this time around. In this transition I have to move files around and you may well receive old podcasts down the feed as I re-link to things.

I have been adding in to the feed the Bruce Shakespeare plays here has made which you can use on your HR station to fill some programming gaps – enjoy and feel free to email onairpodcast@gmail.com to say hi.


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