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Happy Christmas and Future of the OAP

So Christmas is just around the corner and I hope you all have a great time. The end of the year always brings me to think about the past year and the future.

I have been thinking about the desire for people to have a podcast designed for Hospital Radio members and feel there is still a requirement to share information via the medium of audio which after all is the area we all love.

I am looking for feedback and contributions from all users of the site. I would like to do more interviews with HR members and devise a set of 10 questions to be asked to each contributor which I need your help on. I will set up some comment ability of the site to enable this.

Continuing on from this. I am going to pay again for the site to be hosted as I have been given a great deal. I will look for sponsorship from companies to enable me to do this at no cost to myself going forward as I can’t afford to keep on paying out. So expect some changes.


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