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A Special Treat whilst you wait for another Podcast

Well Folks. It has been a while since I have done a podcast. There are a couple of reasons for this firstly I don’t have a mic processor at the moment after I gave back a spare one we had at HR Chelmsford so have to purchase one myself – any recommendations? I am currently looking at a DBX 286a.

Secondly… the company I use for Audio Hosting only gives me a 100mb limit a month and I used it up for the awards audio which has been downloaded 188 times as of today! I shall be releasing a podcast soon which will contain audio from the HBA Conference in Northampton. It will most probably be the recording of the OFCOM session.

anyway … in the meantime an application I have used has been made available for Windows as well as Mac which can be used for commercial and non commercial purposes. It is called The Levelator and it simply levels out any .wav or .aiff file. If you have perhaps recorded an interview with someone and the levels are a little poor. You simply open the application and drag the uncompressed file onto it and it will level it for you and stick it in the same directory the original file was in. It will not do anything to the original so if you don’t like it you still have your original file. Give it a go …. it’s free! You can find it at http://www.gigavox.com/levelator.
Let me know how you get on. Drop me an e-mail to onairpodcast@gmail.com

Call it a present to you whilst you wait for another podcast – Matt

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