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A Few Changes are coming …

Hi All,

I am getting ready for a change of website soon. My hosting with siteground.com comes to the end around the 13th July and I have decided to go the ‘free’ route for the website.

Ever since my move of house in December 2007 it has been hard for me to get the show recorded. In fact I am only just getting the studio re-set up in a spare bedroom even now in July 2009.

I was also a little dismayed with the lack of feedback and material I was receiving from the Hospital Radio community.

I don’t want to stop doing the podcast completely and will instead try to produce a few good quality episodes each year which relevant and useful material in them so please do subscribe to the rss feed – http://feeds.feedburner.com/onairpodcast and you will be aware of any changes or new content.

Thanks – Matt

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