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On Air Podcast #42 – 31st December 2013 – IPDTL and The Big Broadcast

Matt is joined by Kevin Leach from IPDTL.com to talk about his internet based contribution system to getting guests in quality into your broadcasts. He also chats to Richard Smith from theatozofpop.co.uk about his New Year Broadcast.




  1. Interesting to compare the quality of IPDTL and skype…. the IPDTL was noticibly “warmer”, and “easier” to listen to than the skype was.

    • Yes. I said that to Kevin at the time. Warmer and more natural. Also it was less compressed and had a wider dynamic range to it which you may not hear on the recording. Richard was using a small non professional mic.

  2. Great podcast Matt.

    IPDTL Sounds impressive. Economic prices as well. A possible HBA Conference, Tradeshow contender in March?

    Any chance you can send me Kevin Leach’s details? Good audio check between Skype and IPDTL. Obvious to me which one came out on top.

    Cheers Matt.

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