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Here you will be able to find out about all I am involved in and do.

I offer consultancy and training for stations and users of software from Broadcast Radio.

I produce video screencasts for Broadcast Radio to help show its use and reduce support requests. I can help you to produce Screencast videos for your products or services too.

My Podcast production and distribution services are available to help you setup a new podcast or improve an existing one and in my ramblings there are extra bits which I have either made or think they look interesting.

You can follow me on twitter @mrmattwade and feel free to drop me an email if you want to get in touch.

Broadcast Radio Software Training

If you or your organisation need full training or refresher training on software from the team at Broadcast Radio scroll down or click to find out more.

Screencast Production

Want an engaging way to show your software product or provide support for your application?

We can produce and script screencasts to show off your creation.

Podcast Production

Like to start a podcast but don’t know how.
We can help.

Broadcast Radio Software Training and Station Consultancy

I have worked with the team at Broadcast Radio (formerly P Squared) since 2004 using their software at the Hospital Radio station I volunteered for and want to offer my experience and services to others.

In 2018 I worked with the team on a user guide and videos for SmartSign, the studio tally and information system, and produced new videos for their playout system Myriad Playout v5.

They are all available on their Youtube Channel here.

This service is an extra to the great support you will receive from Broadcast Radio as part of your support contract with them but this will bring added benefits unique to your station or organisation.

Clients have included:-

Radio Scilly – Myriad Autotrack Music Library maintenance and clock creation, Automated show download workflow and Myriad Playout v3 to v4 upgrade.

Monocle 24 – Myriad Autotrack clock creation, Staff training.

Radio Hillingdon – Myriad Autotrack Training.

Matt’s in-depth knowledge and experience of P Squared products has been invaluable in getting our Myriad system on the air.  He’s come up with some great solutions which I’ve no doubt would never have occurred to us! Matt has an easy going approach (and seemingly endless patience) which is perfect for the less experienced user who may need step-by-step instruction.
Dan Morgan

Engineer, Hospital Radio Hillingdon

Screencast and Video Production

I specialise in producing Screencast Videos. These are video recordings of a computer’s desktop. These can help give people a taste of your product and also cut down greatly on support calls.

Here is an example of a promotional video I produced for Broadcast Radio. You can see my other tutorial videos for them on their YouTube channel here.

I also do some tech review/overview videos. Here is my latest.

Podcast Production

Podcasts are nothing new nowadays and aren’t new to me either.

I launched my first podcast, On Air Podcast, in Oct 2005, designed to help with programme audio distribution around Hospital Radio stations and it evolved into a general news and information podcast for those involved in volunteering at stations.

I took over the distribution of the Desert Island Geek podcast (now rebranded as Deserted) in 2010 and since November 2014 have started to create brand new episodes talking with people with a passion about something.

If you or your company would like to experiment with or produce podcasts and don’t know where to start I can help. Perhaps you already record a podcast but either don’t have the time to edit it or want to use your time elsewhere I offer an Audio Editing service starting from £25 per podcast episode. I also offer a fully managed service of production and posting for distribution along with writing up show notes and webpages.

If you would like to discuss how I could help please get in touch – matt@mattwadeonline.co.uk